Easy Easter Crafts: Sunday Night Supper Series

Easter this year is right around the corner and I am sprucing up my house for our annual dinner!  The only real holiday family dinner we host!

Happy  Easter eggs

I did some light decorating this year.  The highlight being this “nest” with these faux white eggs spelling out Happy Easter.

Super easy craft.  Here’s how we did it!

Start with some fun scratch off letters from the Dollar Store:

easter craft scratch off letters

And these cool unbreakable faux eggs:

easter craft eggs

Then all you need is an interesting vessel to fill with some raffia or easter grass and a few “fancy feathers” for some added fun!

raffia for easter craft

fancy feathers

easter craft supply close-up

I also wanted something for the planters that flank my front door.  The wind has just been too chilly to try to plant these up pretty like I did last year, so instead I stuck some plastic ferns into the dirt and made a nest out of Spanish moss.

easter craft supply

sparkle nest outside2015

sparkle eggs outside2015

I have one more table decoration to share, but I’m still working it out so I’m saving that one for Monday!

Until then check out last year’s Easter Story-

easter words

Easter Recap

And a review of three different Easter table color stories-


Decorating for Easter

Have a great weekend!

Easter candy in sunroom

Happy Easter 2015!



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