It’s Move-in Day for Beth and Grant!

Last week when we all woke-up to an unexpected spring snow storm, Beth and Grant Horton were closing on their custom MDH build and packing the last of their boxes to move into their new digs.  Let’s look back on all their selections from a few short months ago and compare them to the finished product!

H granite island with industrial pendants

The Outside:

Remember when siding was just a few scraps of vinyl laid out on the island at our Design Center?

horton siding

And that mystery door color was just a swatch in a Sherwin Williams paint deck?

H front door color close-up

Well, it has all come together!

H front door color

And now it looks like this:

Hortons ext

Remember those classic hardwood floors paired with white trim?

horton wood canvas

horton flooring

Well, we even added a stained element to the stairs to give you this first impression when you enter into the foyer:

H open railing

And who can forget the fun textured carpet that was selected for the high-traffic steps:

horton carpet living the dream2

Of course this turned out great, especially with the addition of those neat little stair lights!

H living the dream carpet

H open stairs with hardwood foyer

The laundry room upstairs was one of my favorite flooring selections!  I loved the weathered color of this LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank).  Read more on the tile look of this product HERE.

horton lvt wood


H wood-look laundry floor

And how about those cool gray floors for the Master bath?

horton lvt3

That paired perfectly with these clean white cabinets and contemporary hardware:

H master bath

H master bath details

H master bath bench

Everyone needs a bathroom bench!

If you’re admiring all their selections you can read more about tile backsplashes HERE and see all their pick-outs HERE!

But hey-as long as we’re up here, let’s take a quick look around at the rest of the second floor!

Master Bedroom with tray ceiling:

H Master Bedrm

Upstairs hallway with half wall:

H upstairs hallway

And there are also three additional bedrooms upstairs:

H upstairs bdrm

Just for fun, let’s go all the way back to the framing walk-thru!  Isn’t it amazing that it was just two and a half short months ago when the “Fort” looked like this on this inside:

Framing at Hortons

And now that same wall looks like this:

H doorways

Here are a few more framing walk-thru shots from mid January:

Framing the steps Hortons

framing fireplace wall

Framing the kitchen Horton

And More of the Amazing Finished Product!

H foyer

H flex space open to living rm

H white kitchen

H orb light close-up

Congrats to Beth and Grant!  Thanks for building with me and Midwest Design Homes!

Welcome Home Horton Family!

Who’s living the dream now?  Yeah you are!

Hortons ext

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