Adding Built-ins to the New Home!

Recently I have been talking a little about Old House Charm.  One of the most obvious things to me in older homes is the thoughtful use of space dedicated to built-ins.  Their furniture piece built-ins ranged from beautiful buffets with leaded glass doors to window seat niche for curling up with a good book!

But you can add some of those sought after built-ins to any plan!  Take the following examples of How to Add Built-ins to the New Home!

First-  Start with a drop zone or working niche:

shorewood mud room

This message center is a perfect cabinet built in between two walls of the mud room.  Great for storing mail and charging phones at the hub of the house!

hot pink desk nook

Another built-in solution is the mini-desk area near the kitchen.  Taking up no more space than a small closet but providing the function of a work surface, bill pay center and decorative accent wall!

Second- Try adding a built-in bench:

fireplace with bench seat

This modern fireplace with floor to ceiling ledge stone got an unexpected wooded seat perfect for a few throw pillows.

Same with this bedroom nook-

window seat clover

A cantilevered window gave this ranch home bedroom a nice deep window sill to decorate or sit on.

And finally-

Once you’ve mastered the more subtle built-ins, it is time to explore the feature wall of built-ins!  Check out these four unique feature walls- all designed in different styles!

haymd living rm

This feature wall ties together the stone of the fireplace to a stone base at the bottom of this wall of plaster niches, sized to hold todays modern television and other accessories!

fireplae feature wall2 favershm

This wall offers the same continuity, creating a symmetrical layout with two plaster “bookcases” flanking the fireplace and allowing enough room to hang the television above the mantle if desired.

pucket parade built-ins

This feature wall offers a more cabinetry feel!  Notice how the space is broken up from being one giant wall of cabinet doors by the plaster walls dividing the space and the lowered ceiling creating a soffit above the top of the open shelving.

Modern built-in wall with tile Nelson

And last but not least- a mix of modern with a sleek symmetrical fireplace flanked by a more traditional built-in on either side with open shelving and cabinet storage.

What did you think?  Which one of those built-in feature walls was your style?

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