Favorite Photo April 2015 & Why my husband looks like Dave Grohl…

It has happened more than a couple of times now…on a plane, at a bar…when we were on vacation in Seattle a guy walked up to us very brazenly- “dude, did you know you look like Dave Grohl?”

If you don’t know who Dave Grohl is, he is the lead singer of the band Foo Fighters.  Music I’ve enjoyed so much, I included a quote from one of their songs in our wedding program long before my husband starting looking like him.  I’m not even sure when it happened, because when I met my husband 15 years ago, well, we looked like this-

our first photo

Actually, the very first day I ever met Nick he was completely clean shaven.

Imagine that.

Today he looks like this-

Nick at Mosquito Hill2

This snapshot from the Mosquito Hill Nature Center is April’s Favorite Photo, not only because I love New London’s Mosquito Hill and the charred prairie grass they burned to make way for spring’s new growth (and not only because it looks like it could be an album cover if my husband really was musically inclined), but more so because of the story it tells…

When Nick met me I was shy and reserved, pretty far away from the sales person I am today, who makes her living talking to people and sharing her ideas.  Nick certainly brought me out of my shell and in return…I guess I turned him into Dave Grohl!

Nick at Mosquito Hill

Maybe I need to better explain, since that sounds like I got a career out of our relationship and Nick got a lumberjack makeover!

I don’t just see the long hair and the beard when I look at my husband these days. I see the easy smile, the warmth in his eyes, the way his head bobs when he is laughing at something funny my brother has just said as they split wood together on a Sunday afternoon…I see the old jeep that he fixes in the garage, where he once thought a fast and flashy sports car would sit…this rugged makeover speaks more to the ease at which we live our life together now.  Uncomplicated by trying to live up to someone else’s standards.  While Nick taught me about being bold & going for my dreams, I taught him about acceptance & believing in himself.  Life is more than the benchmarks or big accomplishments- it is about all the little moments in between!

Nick and Katie Mos Hill2015

Nick’s long hair and beard is like an analogy for our last 15 years together.  The story of two people who didn’t change to become the same, but rather evolved together.  We still have our differences, but in many ways we’ve made each other better.  Better versions of the people we would have otherwise been.

And that’s the real reason why my husband looks like Dave Grohl.

What do you think? 

Can you see the similarities in this picture of Dave Grohl and my husband or how about THIS ONE?

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“It’s times like these you learn to live again.  It’s times like these you give and give again.  It’s times like these you learn to love again.  It’s times like these time and time again.”

-quote from the Foo Fighters song “Times Like These”

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