Butterfly Jars: Spring Table Décor!

So Easter was yesterday and here was my challenge:

I wanted to do something new for my table without having to go shopping for supplies!

jars on easter table

I started out with some glittery butterflies and flowers on sticks my mom had given to me the week before.  I dug out three glass jars from my cupboard and tried to arrange them inside, but the sticks were too short.  If you read SNS:  Easy Easter Crafts, you know they ended up in my planter outside, which ultimately looked like this:

sparkle nest outside2015

But back to my table- at first I was just trying to find something for the bottom of the jar to elevate the sticks.  With the clearness of the jars, almost everything was too distracting.  At one point I stuffed raffia in the bottom.

raffia for easter craft

I really liked the natural straw color in the bottom of the glass.  So when I scrapped the glittery sticks I kept the raffia.  Then I dug out the favorite light up butterflies and dragonflies that have now made multiple appearances in my Blog:

purple fall tables



(Easter 2014)

And I plunked them in with some of the simple plastic green ferns that had fallen off the fronds I stuffed in the planter outside.

Dragonfly in jar

butterfly in jar

jars on easter table

I actually really loved the way they turned out!

jars on easter table trio

So if you have some jars and a little greenery, consider trapping a butterfly or dragonfly inside to make a cute addition to a spring dinner or even a whimsical detail for a bedside table!

jars on easter table2

I’m going to chalk this craft up to another “Happy Accident” when one idea totally fails and the quick-fix is better than the original plan!

Had any similar Happy Accidents!?!

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