8 great built-in ideas that will change the way you think about built-ins!

Our beautiful fall Showcase entry for Jon Huss Custom Homes last month struck me as having some of the most unique built-in details for art, storage and just plain cool-factor!  Here are some of the highlights!

#1 Unique built-in bath storage


This bathroom is a great example of adding some extra storage without conforming to the traditional cabinetry linen.  The plaster framed walls flank the open storage and metal shelves that are lit from above.

#2 Bookshelves that look great even without the books!


Built in bookcases frame out the doorway between the great room and foyer.  But it is the staggering of the dividers inside the shelves that make these built-ins visually interesting both with and without books!


Here is a close-up of the paneled look created inside the extra thick wall that creates the division between the spaces.

#3 Niches that greet you at the front door


From the foyer side the character is intregrated into these niches that were lit and recessed to highlight specific pieces of art.


Here is another look down the hall of the symmetrical art niche and the charming paneled entrance with an open “transom” framed opening above.

#4 Built-ins that do all the decorating in a den!


This fun navy den or “hearth room” got built-in cubbies for assorted pieces of art.  Designed with plaster niches and wood shelves it gives the corner depth and allows the rest of the room to be minimally decorated.

#5  Built-ins for the perfect entertainment center


The entertainment center in the great room is awaiting a big flat screen TV, but also features a built-in furniture look that is a warm contrast of stained wood next to the white painted trim and the other white bookshelves in the room.


By the way- perhaps one of the most stunning features of this great room is the wood beams decorating this tray ceiling.

#6 Cabinets that surprise with open shelving!


Even thought you wouldn’t really consider kitchen cabinetry to be a built-in,  it is worth mentioning that this kitchen manages to grab the cool-factor offered by all the other the built-ins throughout the house with these open display shelves both above the sink and on an end cabinet.

#7 Bar Built-ins


In the lower level the built-in features continue with this open shelving between two plaster framed walls.  Perfect for displaying glassware and other bar paraphernalia, it is a bold graphic alternative to simple cabinetry.

#8 The built-in bench with a twist!


And finally, this back entry bench is built-in between two walls to separate it from the hallway to the rest of the home.  The unique texture on the back of the bench?


A deeply textured ceramic tile!  Reminded me of bark and went perfectly with this rustic hook that resembles a reclaimed rail road spike.


And there you have 8 great built-in ideas that will change the way you think about built-ins!

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