The Lily Pad Game: How it turned out!

Last week I showed you my creative project for my annual Fairy Festival!  I was spray painting old carpet pad to make lily pads.  Pretty easy- I got the result I wanted and used something up that was headed for the trash.  At one point I considered adding lines to the leaves or shading- but sometimes a simple idea is best kept simple.

spray painted pad project

As far as the rest of this project- here’s how it turned out!

I cut paper flowers for the “lilies” out of construction paper and used some pipe cleaners to hang them on the small garden hooks.  I have a trick where I put scotch tape over both sides of the area I am going to paper punch the hole to reinforce it.  This keeps them from tearing from the pipe cleaner too easily when grabbed.  I also added Hawaiian lays to some of the hooks for fun color!

lily on hook for lily pad game

The Game

Ultimately I let the kids decide how they wanted to play, but the idea was that the lily pads were home base and were spread out in a circle around the lilies on stakes.  The kids had to run and grab as many lilies without getting tagged out by whoever was “it.”  If you made it back to your lily pad you were safe.  Whoever collected the most flowers without getting tagged would win.

playing the lily pad game 2016

playing the lily pad game 2016 (2)

supplies for lily pad game

We each took turns being “it”- even me!  Which is why I didn’t get a ton of pictures.  I have better ones of the celebratory silly stringing that also happened in the lily pond area…

playing with silly string at FF 2016

playing with silly string 2016

All in all- it was a fun idea for a kids game that could be modified for any party centered around a water theme!  As Clair gets older the activites will change with her so that she can never outgrow her Auntie Katie’s Fairy Festival!

Check back in next week for more details on all the Fairy Festival Fun with a complete wrap-up!

FF 2016 30 days of june

Coming Next Week!

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