New Year Goals: Check in Point!

Back in January I posted my goals for this year in lieu of your typical New Year Resolutions.  A few were a little more ambitious than others- but they were all they types of goals that will take the entire year to complete.  So with the first quarter of 2016 behind us, I thought I would do a check-in to evaluate how successful I have been so far!

Happy New Year2016

First off we had-

Get Organized

While I haven’t bought an external hard drive and started cleaning up my duplicate files yet, I have started making a list of photos to find.

Similarly, the second goal was to print more photos and finish my scrapbooks.  I can say I’ve been hitting the goal of 2 pages a week pretty consistently.  It helps me to have such a small goal.  I find 6 photos, pick a few pieces of colored paper and some embellishments and lay it out.  Even if I rearrange it 10 times throughout the course of my day off- I’ve still been managing to secure everything to the page before it’s time for bed.

Denver scrapbook page

At 2 pages a week, I have added at least 24 pages of memories to my books!

I’ve used mostly printed photos I already had but decided to start focusing more on the “printing” goal. This became overwhelming at first, so I looked at what I had done for some direction.  For some reason I had scrapbooked more Halloweens than any other holidays and printed more wedding photos than any other event.  So I made a checklist to find and print the following categories of photos for the past 10 years+:

Winter vacation, Summer party, Wedding, Halloween, Fall vacation 

I knew I could never work on all the photos I’ve taken chronologically, so by isolating these life events (and just picking a few of them), I can work towards checking off each category by year- Summer Party 2006, 2007, 2008, ect.  This way if I never finish scrapbooking everything, I will still have a well-rounded representation of our lives, instead of 3 or 4 books with every event from one time period.  This should keep me busy- with 5 categories and at least 10 years of photos, there are 50 events to print and put together.  A possibility of 1750-3000 photos!  (This is where you remind yourself about the easy to achieve weekly goal!)

photo to do list

Spring Cleaning

I’ll just share this photo-

my cabinets organized

Ahhh…top to bottom cleaning, every book, bottle vase and lantern…

Finish the Remodel and Share!

future bath gutted

This is what progress looks like in my world!

  There will be so much more to come- stay tuned!

And don’t forget-


In Case you Missed it-

Happy New Year2016

New Year Goals!



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