Sunday Night Supper: The Igloo

For those of you who mourned the fate of the gingerbread house yesterday, don’t fret, for when there is destruction and demolition, there is always room to rebuild!  I had originally planned to make this one big post with the happy how-to-make-an-igloo story after the ginger village recap, but it was feeling too long, and this igloo project was feeling too fun not to have it’s own title post!  So bonus this month with two back-to-back SNS posts.

To start the story off right, my mom announced to me the other day that because the winter was going so long, she wanted to have “Eskimo Days.”  There are too many amazingly cute ideas to document here (and this close to spring) but I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more about this come winter 2015!

Eskimo Days

For today we’re going to focus on this super easy How-to that entertained my wild child nephew before dinner.  Once you see the Cool-Whip container you might shake your head and say- “duh- an igloo.”  But most of us don’t even get around to thinking- “hmmm, if I want to make an igloo…”  That is the simple creative genius that is my Mom.

So, yeah-  STEP ONE:

igloo water

Find a plastic container and fill it with water.


igloo making

Freeze it.


igloo start

Congratulations!  You’ve just successfully made ice.  But it gets better…

igloo animals

Find some plastic animals…

black paper

Cut out some “doors” and “windows” from black construction paper and- wait for it– lick ’em.  That’s right, all you have to do to get the black construction paper to adhere to the igloo is lick it and stick it!

igloo with doors

That was STEP FOUR & FIVE…STEP SIX is only if you are in advanced Igloo building.

igloo add snow

Add Snow.  From outside.  Hey- we have plenty!!!

add snow

And arrange:


That’s pretty much it!  I think I had my doubts when I first saw the Cool Whip container full of ice.  But five minutes later we had this little igloo, which is far more charming than I expected it to be.  And more importantly, it was totally entertaining for Vinnie.

vincent with igloo


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