Sunday Night Supper- Quick Tip

I mentioned in my intro to This Series that every Sunday night for the past decade my siblings and I have gathered at my parents house for Sunday Night Supper.  And that my Mom makes these dinners special for all of us, including my brother’s kids, my nieces and nephew.  So this Sunday Night Supper Quick Tip is to prove that you can have a little Valentines Day spirit without cooking a thing!  This is a frozen triple berry cheesecake dessert- out of the box!  My mom picked up a cupcake decorating kit at the Dollar Store and created this fun centerpiece for us and the kids!

be mine table
The Dollar Store kit included cupcake papers and “be mine” toothpicks. My mom covered the table with a red plastic table cloth while the kids were playing with Playdo.
be mine2
Why two candles? Who knows!?! I am sure Mom just found two red ones in the cupboard. We lit them later and sang a version of Happy B-day, but that is a story for another time.
be mine3
Below the cake, she placed the cupcake papers around on a tray. Each are filled with candies and at least one marshmallow (to hold the toothpick up).
vinnie points
This is my nephew, Vincent. He has been a little disapproving of my new camera and habit of photographing him. Here he is enjoying the candies from the cupcake papers.
be mine5
And a finishing touch for my niece, Clair, was the addition of these fairy themed valentines.


Are you thinking of sprucing up a dessert for a special occasion?  It could be as simple as this!  And here at Sunday Night Supper- we like simple!  Happy Valentines Day!

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