Getting Ready for Thanksgiving! A SNS holiday post!

This past weekend Nick and I returned home from our weeklong adventure for our anniversary.  We had an amazing time but it felt good to be back home and even better to see everyone on Sunday at my parent’s house. With Thanksgiving only a few days away we worked on a couple of projects to make the holiday table extra special!

The fist activity was to glitter-ize these place cards made from oak leaves the kids collected in the woods the week before.



Just glitter and glue, a sharpie marker and a little help with the names!




The next project took a bit more skill and made their fingers even more sticky- if you can believe that!  The idea was to transform Hershey kisses into edible acorns.


You’ll need Hershey kisses, a small cookie for the cap (like these Nutter Butter bites), mini chips for the stem and some frosting to hold it all together!


And then let little fingers create an adorable treat that would make any place setting extra special!





 They may not be the most perfect magazine quality acorns, but they were hand made with love, and that’s what the projects of Sunday Night Suppers are all about.  Keep that in mind this holiday season- don’t chase the perfect pictures, enjoy the moments and the people that make them extra special!

And don’t forget what this Thursday is all about-

Give thanks for all the beauty and blessings in your life!

Happy Thanksgiving from Katie Jane Interiors!

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