Choosing your Vinyl Shake Style

Not to overwhelm anyone- but once you’ve decided on a vinyl shake material as an accent for the exterior of your home, and you’ve selected a color, you might think you are done.  But wait!  There is one more decision to mak-nd we’re going to make that super easy.  You will need to pick the style of your shake!

There are four styles of vinyl shake:

  • Perfection straight
  • Perfection uneven
  • Rough-split straight
  • Rough-split uneven

Perfection Straight

You can’t go wrong with perfection straight, a simple even classic look.


As an accent:  Subtle, low texture

Best when- wanting to keep the siding all the same color and only looking for a slight variation.


Perfection Uneven


As an accent: breaks up straight lines of a traditional looking home

Best when- wanting a little more texture without creating a rustic accent.

Rough-Split Straight



As an accent:  More texture

Best when- dressing up dark shake colors that sometimes lose their texture in the color.

Rough-Split Uneven


As an accent:  High Contrast

Best when- you want the shake to look like real wood.



Whatever you decide- you can’t go wrong with the look and low maintenance of a vinyl shake product for the exterior of your home!


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