The Do’s and Don’ts of Tropical Vacationing…

Earlier this month Nick and I went on our first ever tropical vacation to an all-inclusive resort on the island of St. Lucia.  We joined two other couples who frequent this beach-side lifestyle while on vacation.  Here are some pointers they gave us and a few I picked up on!

St Lucia Trip5

Do go on at least one excursion with an island expert.

Don’t miss a good photo op!

St Lucia Thanks for the Memories!

Do swim in the ocean but

Don’t swallow too much salt water!

St Lucia Trip2

St Lucia Trip

And if you do-

Don’t forget to order an extra Coconut Cloud drink…

Or try Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings from the beach grille!

St Lucia Trip4

Don’t wander off into unknown places after dark but-

Do enjoy a romantic moonlight walk with your hubby!

St Lucia trip3

coconut bay hotel at night

 Don’t play with wild island dogs…

Do hug little wet puppies that live in a tree root!

st lucia puppies

(Okay- I probably shouldn’t have played with them either but I mean- c’mon!  They’re so cute and fuzzy and they live in a tree!)

And If you set your sights on climbing a mountain-

Do give it a try!

st lucia sugar beach

(Yes- that mountain!)

The Mt hike

Don’t ever give up!

The Mt Hike5

And when you reach the top-

Do Enjoy the view!

st lucia hike view3

st lucia hike view2

st lucia hike view

But on your way up make sure you-

Don’t carve your name into 300 year old Mango trees!

st lucia tree carving

(Do appreciate how awesome any 300 year old tree is!)

st lucia jungle tree

Don’t forget to tip the people who make your accommodations even sweeter!

Do enjoy five days of towel animals in your room!

towel animal

towel animal2

towel animal5

towel animal4

towel animal3

And most importantly-

Do have an amazing time!

St Lucia gazebo

Thanks to Matt, Tricia, Mike & Ranee who made this a great first tropical adventure!

We had a blast!

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