How to Make a Photo Display for a 3-year old’s Special Day!

Sunday Night Supper Series…

Last week we celebrated my nephew Vinnie turning 3-years old!  He loves photos of himself, so I decided to put together a quick and easy photo board to showcase some of his cutest moments!

photo board project

It’s super easy- and you can do it to dress up any occasion!  All you need are a few basics:

Black Foam Board

black foam board

Ribbon, rick-rack or even a heavy twine.

ribbon for project

I have a ton of different ribbons from a box Nick’s grandmother gave me once.  In true hoarder style (and my love of ribbon) I could not part with the box and therefore always look for ways to use this ribbon all the time!

more ribbon for project

You will also need clothespins and a couple small stick pins.

clothespins with wasabi tape

I dressed my clothespins up with some washi tape from the craft store.

You can also grab a scissors because your first step is to make a cut in the corner of the black foam board, one on each side.  They don’t need to be directly across from each other.  The more uneven the better the diagonal pattern.

2ribbon cut for project

Wedge your ribbon into the slit and pull it across the front and back.

Repeat with different colors!

2close up on ribbons in cut

Use the small stick pins to hold the ribbon in place as you pull it tight and tie it on the backside.

2back of board

You want enough slack on the front to get the clothespin behind the ribbon but not too much that the photos sag.

After you get the ribbon situated you can clip on all the photos.

I let Clair and Vinnie help me!

photo board

So many awesome shots of this guy!

photo project2

Another quick tip I have for you when decorating for a party like this is to enlarge a favorite photo and order it mounted on poster board.

vinnie on bike large photo on console

I did mine through the Walgreens one-hour photo department.  I used a coupon and got this look-for only $12!

I also have to share the fun that went into this angel food birthday cake with the three wind up dinosaurs on it- my mom’s creation of course!

fun 3-year old cake2

It turned this birthday boy blues from this-

why so sad birthday boy

Into this-

fun 3-year old cake

Of course the real delight came from opening presents!

vinnie opens gifts

So many good shots for NEXT year’s photo board!

Happy Birthday Vincent!


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