Cupcake Mansion Eve

Last night we kicked off the holidays with “Cupcake Mansion Eve” an event by Amanda Cupcake hosted in one of our MDH new construction homes for sale.

invite to mansion eve

The fun took place at 5610 Calmes Drive in the very cozy and sweet 1800 sq ft ranch home design.

cozy living room

We turned on the fire, decorated with a little sparkle- and a bunch of cupcakes!

amanda cupcakes

olaf frozen cupcakes

Shawna, a sales associate here at MDH, welcomed everyone at the front door!

shawna at door

The evening was full of holiday magic!

Kids came to see Santa…

kids and santa

Or to enjoy a sparkly dessert made by the Queen of Cupcakes!

picking cupcakes

amanda and mackenzie

Lytles getting cupcakes

And of course there was the unicorn…

little girl feeding uni

Yes- a unicorn!

kids and uni

You heard me right!

lytles look at unicorn

Some people were pretty surprised…

Others gave the unicorn a special treat…

hortons feed uni

hortons feed uni2

And some were all about the photo op!

unicorn selfie

Unicorn selfie!

corey and the unicorn

carmen and the unicorn

neighbors with uni

lytles and the unicorn

Even Santa got in on it!

clair on horse

That’s a lot of magical in one place!

vinnie and the uni

Thanks to everyone who joined us!  And this holiday season- don’t forget to…

little girl on unicorn2

Believe in flying reindeer and talking snowmen and even unicorns!

Remember what it felt like to be a kid at Christmas and just…

magic of the season

It’s a whole lot more fun!

Happy Holidays from Katie Jane Interiors, Star Service Realty, Amanda Cupcake & MDH!

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