Happy Halloween!

As I sit down to write this halloween post, a million ideas run through my head-

  • favorite trick or treat memories
  • best halloween costumes I ever had
  • what a haunted house can teach you about life
  • why you’re never too old to celebrate halloween

But as I sort through the pictures I pulled from old scrapbooks of halloweens past, I notice a common denominator…

halloween glo-worm

Standing next to me in all those favorite childhood trick or treat memories was always my brother…

halloween transformer

Who knew years later he would become the king of halloween in our family!?!

Mr nice guys

His Mr. Nice Guy character is iconic at Green Bay Fear, a haunted house full of life lessons…

buckethead original
Years ago the haunted house taught me to fear anything that jumps out at you, even a man with a bucket on his head!

GB fear fire

GB fear

And besides getting to hang out with my brother each year in all his Mr. Nice Guy celebrity glory,  I think the Haunted House has also taught me alittle about how you are never too old to celebrate Halloween!  I mean- how fitting is it that we watched a band reminiscant of a fast-food childhood icon!


So while I didn’t really write this article to fulfill any one idea I had, I decided to write it instead to say-

Thank You!

 & Happy Anniversary!

 To my brother, who married his wife 6 years ago today in a Friday night Halloween ceremony!

hall wedd2 2008

hall wedd 2008

nick and me hall wedd 08
I think this goes on the list as one of my best halloween costumes!

the last time we were all Lawrenz's

And as my big brother stood side by side with me waiting to go trick or treating all those years…

halloween superman

I was proud to stand next to my brother on his wedding day.

jesse's hall wedd

Thanks Big Bro- for giving me new Halloween memories every year!

hall transfm2
The orginal bucket head.


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