3 Goals Every Decorating Party Should Have!

I was invited to a “Decorating Party” at my build client’s home in Amherst.  You remember The Millers!  I was thrilled to be back at the house to see how some of their furniture was fitting into the spaces and to weigh in on art for the walls.  Tricia also wanted to unpack all of her purchases from earlier in the day and determine what would work the best and where!  I think we imagined a fully decorated house by the end of the night with art on every wall…but we got a little sidetracked and scaled our evenings expectations back to the following three goals:

Goal #1:  Make the bed!

make a bed

The Master Bedroom of the Miller’s house has really come the farthest and the true warmth of those dark gray accent walls we saw proved to be the best starting point.

Miller progress pic
During Construction

Remember this accent wall?  Gauntlet Gray by Sherwin Williams. Perfect for accessorizing with these:


A new headboard is on order, but in the meantime, Tricia went with this lightweight quilt from Target’s Threshold collection to use as a coverlet on the bed.


The color is a deep earthy gray that really brings out the shade of the accent walls and the texture of the pick-stitch goes with the modern, yet rustic elements you see as a common denominator throughout the home.  Then add a pop of orange:


I have a special place in my heart for the color orange!  After years of seeing the yellow and gray duo hit stores hard, we are finally seeing some of the orange and gray make a comeback.  The large scale and flowing ogee pattern of the drapery panels are going to make a nice contrast to the smaller more detailed floral of the throw pillows.  Remember that not everything has to match perfectly.  Layering patterns is one of the easiest ways to give a room some decorating depth.

lamp on nightstand

I just have to stop and give a quick shout out to these bedside lamps!  I love the shape of the shades, which took on a pretty purplish hue in the daytime, and the effect of this crackled glass base.

lamp closeup

In these photos they appear clear, but in person they had a much more mirrored effect.  Just another little detail that tells me this room is going to be stunning when it is all complete!

Goal #2:  Move a chair!

barrel table

This sounded easy enough!  Pick up this upholstered chair from its resting place in the Great Room and move it to the corner of the Master bedroom…

chair in hallway

ummm…just one problem…

chair in hallway2

…teeny-tiny problem really… It didn’t fit through the doorway.  At first we thought- no worries, we got this!  We’ll unscrew the wood feet and it will slide through…

chair legs in doorway

Nope, I took out the screw and the foot remained secure.

Without that option we realized we’d have to take off the door.

take door off

That did the trick!

tricia in chair

I didn’t have any free hands to photograph the way we masterfully removed a dozen screws and gently lifted the door from the hinges.  Just know that a four panel pine door weighs more than you would expect!

chair in room

At this point in the evening, there was only one logical thing left to do to celebrate the emancipation of the chair from the doorway…

Goal #3:  Have a toast!

wine glasses

Let’s raise our glasses-

To new places to hang our hats!  To drinking wine out of mismatched glasses, because that is all you have unpacked!  To friends who will never drop a door on your foot, no matter how heavy it gets!  To coming home to a house that is all yours, with walls ready for pictures of the new memories you will create!

Millers ext at night


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