Countdown to Summer

It is no secret that June is my favorite month of the year!  June is not only the official beginning of summer, but it is also my birthday month.  I love the way June is warm and breezy, rainy and cool, and very VERY green!  The month feels like possibility and promises of good times, and it always goes so SO fast!  To try to slow June down and appreciate the small moments, I’ve tried a few different things.  But a couple summers ago I started what I like to call “30 days of June” which is basically my version of a journal by photos.  I challenged myself to capture one image of my June each day for the entire month.

This year, I have the unique opportunity to share the entire journey of my June right here with you!  I have a feeling I’ll try some photo effect techniques and maybe I’ll time stamp a few, but regardless, there will be memories and images of summer.  Things that make me smile, some that make me wonder and others that are too beautiful for words…

Here’s a few images captured this past Memorial Day at the Omro car show as a teaser for summer to come and 30 Days of June!  I hope you’ll join me!Omro car show amer flag

omro car show2

Fairlane with boat2

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