In honor of Mardi Gras

In honor of Mardi Gras, which falls on Tuesday March 4th this year, I thought I would share some inspiration from our recent trip to New Orleans last fall.  A good vacation for Nick & I usually involves lots of walking, lots of historical architecture and lots of eating really good food!  New Orleans didn’t disappoint!  Artists of every kind have found inspiration here and I have compiled a few of my favorite photos that speak to how that inspiration can be used in home design!

garden district
A classic site in the Garden Distric of New Orleans, I love how the sidewalks are framed by twisty branched oaks. The historical homes on this side of town make a great walking tour, each are more stunning than the next. The soft pastel facade seen here is a unique juxtaposition to the ebony ironwork of the fences, commonly seen in these charming southern towns.
nola cemetary
There is always beauty in unexpected places. New Orleans is known for their above ground cemetaries that appear as the backdrop in many films and shows. I am drawn to the patina of the stones in cemetaries. I can imagine translating this photo into a black and white color scheme in a room. Using shades of grey and an accent of the rust color from the gate.
tree in street
The landscape designer and tree lover in me just thinks this is cool! How fortunate for this oak to be regarded as part of the street, part of the architecture of this neighborhood, that it is allowed to grow and survive, even as its roots crack the pavement and uproot the sidewalks restraining it.
NO gate
The unusual color of this gate, along with it’s stunning gothic curves and fretwork are frame-worthy to me! I’d love to print this out for my desk at home.
nola at night3
Bourbon Street. The nightlife. Every color in this photo feels like the city. Fun and vibrant. I love how you can see the green shutters on the building on the left and peer right through the open doorway on the upstairs balcony on the right.


Have you ever just felt inspired to decorate around a vacation you took?  Or have any pictures that you think would make a great color board for a room?

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