The Camper Plan- Introducing a New Summer Series!

At the beginning of June I was eager to share my newest project with you!  Now that July is well under way it is about time I make good on that declaration!  So let’s start at the beginning-

I had been casually shopping for an old camper for a few years now, ever since I realized my neighbor was probably not going to sell me the cute little one in his yard that I have been staring at lovingly since I moved into my house. I am a patient and unmotivated shopper who luckily has friends that live to hunt up a good deal.  Once I show interest in anything they are usually on it.  And so this is how it came to be that a friend placed a bid for me on this little gem in a local online auction for an estate sale.

trailblazer camper reinvention

It all happened very quickly.  The bidding ended- we waited to hear if we officially got it- and days later we were bringing it home to our driveway so the dreaming could begin!

So without further adieux-

Here is the Camper Plan for this Vintage Camper Revival!

camper series peach

The Plan:

This is not a total restoration nor is it a total gut job.  I am calling this my vintage camper “revival” because campers like these have made a comeback and I am trying to breath a little life into something that has been neglected over time.  We will not be putting back in a bath or kitchen.  The idea is to make it more of a sleeping space so it can be used as a guest room in our back yard and a fun place to hang out.  That being said, the very first goal is to give the interior some love with a few cosmetic upgrades.

trailblazer camper interior before

  • New Curtains
  • Recreate sleeping area
  • New Cushion covers
  • New Flooring

inside the camper before sleeping area phase one

inside the camper before bird curtains

And then there are the more structural projects:

  • Remove wood burner
  • Repair 2 broken windows
  • Replace screens
  • Fix one panel in ceiling and one water damaged wall by sleeping area

inside the camper before to do list phase 2

After the cosmetic upgrades comes all the fun stuff!  The final phase this year will include:

  • Remove kitchen laminate wall and replace with decorative wood or wall paper
  • Create an accent hanging piece like a lantern or solar light chandelier
  • Build a bar area where the wood burner was with floating shelves and counter

inside the camper before replace wall to do phase 3

inside the camper before to do bar area phase 3

And next year we will probably look more closely at the exterior and constructing one of those cute canopies all the super cool glampers usually have.  And a pair of solar lit pink flamingos too!

camper in front of barn

front of camper

Stay tuned for my next installment in my camper makeover series as I reveal the fabric for the curtains and take a shopping trip to Target for more interior inspiration!

camper series in black

Thanks for joining me on this little summer decorating and DIY adventure!





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