Two Trends that are showing up in all of our Custom Kitchens lately

We recently had a slew of great custom homes close over here at Jon Huss & MDH.  Of the ones I photographed for our website I began to notice a common trend in the kitchen that was consistent in all three of the last builds.  What’s most interesting is that each home has it’s own style and feel and take on the trend- check it out!

Trend #1:  Backsplash tile- with over the stove detail and pencil tile border

dake custom kitchen with center island and decorative backsplash

close-up on dake octagon backsplash tile with border

custom spruce kitchen with sink in island

backsplash tile herringbone pattern with pencil tile

548 kitchen sink in island (2)

548 kitchen tile bascksplash inlay

Trend #2:  Stylish island legs

dake island legs

custom spruce island with leg detail

54 kitchen island with decorative leg

What do you think of these two trends?  Think either of them are for you?

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