Week Three of 30 Days of June 2016!

The final stretch of the month is upon us!   I have timed the sunsets on the longest days and counted lightning bugs on the shortest nights.  How quickly I have became accustomed to this way of life…in the past few nights when the clouds made the landscape darken early, I was ready to argue with the horizon- it’s too early for the sun to set!  Here’s what all happened in my world last week-

30 days of june2016 pizza night

bird nest on ground 30 days of june2016

30 days of june2016 lantern outside my parents house

room with a view

30 days of june2016 clover in the field

pile of rocks 30 days of june

Thanks for joining me!  By this time next week we will be ushering in July!  Only 7 more images to go!

Here’s the first half of the month-In Case you Missed It!

june 12th 2016 birthday cake

30 Days of June: the First 10!

flowers in the yard2016

Week Two of 30 Days of June 2016!



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