How to Make Lily Pads for an outdoor kid’s game!

It was hard to title this post- I have to say!  Most of you probably do not have a use for giant lily pads…well, not yet anyway!  This whole idea came about as a game for my annual Fairy Festival at my house.

FF 2016

My mom was tossing around this idea of a mushroom hunt game.  The kids would have to run out and grab a mushroom without being tagged by a gnome.  Between trying to figure out how to stick cardboard mushrooms into the ground, I found my lantern stakes and figured these might be perfect for hanging something for the kids to get.  I switched gears from foraging to floating!  And immediately thought of water lilies!

fairy bowl

So the next question became how to make giant lily pads that the kids could run back to as “home base.”  I began scrounging up cardboard boxes to cut them out of and stacking them outside the garage when, coincidentally, I had to move an old carpet pad that had been upstairs and was on its way to the curb.

carpet pad for lily pad project

I realized this would do the trick!  I grabbed a scissors and began to cut irregular shaped circles, or “Pac-Mans” if you look at them the right way!

lily pads cut out of carpet pad (2)

Then I simply spray painted them with some green spray paint I picked out for another project that wasn’t the right color.

spray painted pad project

spray paint for lily pad project

I like that the green is a bit more blue and subdued.  They will contrast with the green of the grass in the yard.  I have a few ideas on how these will actually get used at Fairy Fest- so I will update you next week on how it all works out!

Stay tuned!

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