Favorite Photo April 2016!

It was the evening we made a special trip to get our taxes done in Shawano, for the last time before our guy retires.  We just happen to be stopping for gas in my hometown when I glanced up and realized that demo was beginning on the old mill.  I jumped out and captured this image-

The old Mill Bonduel (2)

Three days later the entire section to the left of the porch became a pile of brick rubble.  I had been putting off photographing the mill for months now, knowing something like this was bound to happen.  But there was always a reason not to stop and do it- it was too cold, it was too cloudy, I was too tired.

I’m glad I jumped out of the car that night.  I’m glad I carry my camera everywhere I go.  And I’m grateful for a place to share the photography that for me, is more than an image, it is a time and a place, a moment that becomes a memory and it’s own unique story…

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