Favorite Trends in Foyer Lights!

Lighting remains one of the most exciting and ever changing trends in building right now!  Every time I turn around there is a slew of new designs and finishes to add to the favorites list!  Today I’m talking about Foyer Lights!  And boy, have they come a long way!

arches to foyer summ

Here are my picks for the top trends- with my own quirky descriptions!

The “Lights in a Cage” trend

Whether open bulbs or shielded with glass cylinders, the “lights in a cage” look can be a square, rectangle, round or hooped drum shade design.  This style has become so popular and evolved so much there are several different looks that all fall into this category-

Meyer flyer light

H foyer

beechwood barn wood door header

The “Not your ordinary Drum Shade” trend

Besides the classic ceiling mounted linen drum shade, the newest trend has metal and glass ornaments to dress up the look.  It is like the bone structure of the “lights in a cage look” with a more sparkly partition!

maple foyer hardwood floors

maple foyer open railing

light in mirror

The “Shadow-Thrower” trend

These lighting gems are designed to throw not just light- but shade as well!

metal cut out foyer light with unique shadows


circular light at night

The “Little Piece of Modern Art” trend

For that one-of-a-kind look that is showy enough to hold its own in a grand two-story foyer space- the metal bones of these fixtures are neither shaped like a drum or a cage…they simply entangle the eye so the light is actually the last thing you are looking at.  And that is what a little piece of modern art is supposed to do!

5315 foyer light

5321 foyer with star light

modern light fixture with chrome arms

And those are my picks for the current trends lighting up our show homes lately!  Which was your favorite?

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