Favorite Photo September 2015

From Labor Day to the first official day of autumn to the lunar eclipse and a blood moon- it has been quite a month, this September!  Over as fast as it began!  Through it all I managed to find a road side image to share with you!  From the dilapidated shed to the grapevine aggressively claiming the fading view of an old tractor…for me this is a classic Wisconsin fall farmstead scene…

tractors in barn 2015

fave photo sept2015

“Can you hear the crackle of a fire in the crisp air, meant to keep us warm at night?  The smell of the apples falling from the late fruiting trees, calling the deer and their baby fawns for a meal?  The quiet of the days, as the birds take flight, replaced only by the humming of the crickets restlessly singing in the fields?  Gather the firewood, harvest the garden, settle in and snuggle up…The cool days of autumn will soon frost over into winter’s endless nights…”

-from my journal 2015

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