A Wedding Story: How it all turned out!

Last year my friend Anna was dreaming of her perfect Red, White and Blue All-American Wedding a the Rattler Stadium in Appleton…

anna and pj

And that was when we began their wedding story!  Since then we had a nautical bridal shower and dabbled with some of the decorations. Now we get to see how it all turned out!

Welcome to the July 3rd Wedding Reception of Anna & PJ!

wedding greeting table

First off- before you ascended the stairs or jumped on the elevator you had to pass by my project to grab your name card.  Anna wanted an open frame look with the cards clipped to wires.

wedding name cards on wire in frame

I used some simple poster frames I already had and nailed u-hooks every 4″ and then strung a small silver jewelry wire across from end to end.  Then Anna used her mini clothespins that she spray painted to attach the cards.

wedding name cards on wire in frame2

A few of the cards flipped and twisted and even though I did my best to straighten them- I decided that this is what gives a display like this character over placing them neat and orderly on a table- and I got over it!

Next up- as you entered the reception room overlooking the stadium you were greeted with the same breathtaking view I remember from when we toured the venue last year…only this time it was all of Anna’s red, white and blue décor…

red white and blue wedding decorations

baby breath flower arrangements

There were so many great details from the head table:

red white and blue wedding set-up

To the sign-in table:

patriotic wedding decor ideas

With the home-plate registry:

home plate sign in wedding guest book

And the view of their engagement photo on the stadium scoreboard:

wedding at baseball diamond

Every table had a slightly different arrangement from the baby’s breath in a tall water vase:

patriotic wedding table ideas2

To the smaller greener arrangements that we tucked the custom pennants next to:

patriotic wedding table ideas

The dessert table featured a single apple pie for the couple to cut made extra cute by Anna’s “love pennant” cake topper!

summer wedding dessert topper

And to keep the All-American theme alive there was fresh popcorn all night long!

wedding midnight snacks

Not to mention a special “hot dog bar” as a snack during the dance!

By the end of the evening the home plate was full of messages from guests!

home plate guest book signed full

And Fang, the Timber Rattler’s mascot, even made an appearance on the dance floor.

when mascots crash your dance floor

You could tell the Bride was having the time of her life!

Paul Anna and me at Anna's wedding 2015 (2)

And as Nick and I moved out to the stands to eat our hot dogs with the distant boom of early Fourth of July Fireworks echoing in the distance…

It occurred to me that this was one of those weddings you will never forget being a part of!

Congrats Anna & PJ!

anna and pj

(Now we can really focus on decorating your new home!)

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