How to Choose Your Window Grille Pattern…

One of the first selections we make in the build process here at MDH is windows!  We pick the color:  White or another color (there are several available, each color name specific to window brand). The function: single-hung, double hung or casement.  And the style of the grille pattern, or in other words- the design between the glass!

Here are some examples:

haymeadow ext2

The grille pattern in these window appears in the upper sash only and resemble a simple “plus-sign” design!

clover ext snow

In my opinion, this pattern looks best when trying to match the smaller square craftsman windows.

5533 Haymeadow ext

MO windows

Other popular designs include this style I like to call “Bungalow”:

Hortons ext

Two vertical lines in the top sash of the windows.  This style matches the craftsman-look front doors popular on our homes today!

summit with office WG

Spruce EV

Or you could always go for the traditional colonial grille pattern, available in both top and bottom sashes but pictured here in the top only:

westbury in FM

This pattern also mixes well with the “plus-sign” pattern of the small Craftsman windows.

nelson exterior

And then you have what they call the “prairie-style” grille pattern:

Prairie window grilles

A design around the outside edge of the glass, intersecting a the corners.  This can also appear in both top and bottom, or top sash only.

Prairie window grilles2 (3)

Now it’s time to choose!

Which one is your style?

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evergreen in fm

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