How to style a Pumpkin Photo Shoot in a Jeep

I had this idea that we should take pictures of the Jeep in front of our barn with the back full of pumpkins.  Even though I had the awesome pumpkin patch experience and got a ton of pumpkins for $20, it was not quite the overflowing tailgate I had expected, so I improvised…

pumpkin photo shoot

Here’s how I went from this wheelbarrow full of pumpkins to this fully realized photo shoot in three easy steps!


Step One:  Create illusion

I needed to add height and quantity to my pumpkins.  I had limited time to make this photo shoot happen, so I basically needed to use stuff I had lying around…

BTS jeep shoot

I stuffed split logs underneath the pumpkins in the back to raise them up and to keep them tilted on their sides without rolling.


Step Two: Add Accessories


It took me a while to pull together the pieces for the photo shoot beyond the pumpkins. I started with the navajo blanket, which just felt very fall to me.


Then I grabbed the tacklebox from our kitchen.  I liked the brighter pop of color it added.  The  growler was a last minute add from our barn.  Authentic dust on that one!

JPS jug

After finessing a few faux pumpkins into the mix and some leaves for texture, I added the rusty coffee can to fill a small awkward spot.

JPS pumpkins

Again- just grabbed stuff I had lying around.  I tried a few lanterns I had from inside the house, but ultimately the more organic rust of the tin felt more natural.

Step Three:  Try different angles

I am by no means a professional photographer, nor do I claim to know that many tricks, but when I photograph vehicles I like to shoot from a variety of angles.


jeep pumpkin shoot


You just never know which shot will be “the one.”

And that’s how I captured my perfect fall vision in a photo shoot.  Do you have a favorite shot?



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