The Symco Shakedown

Nick and I have been fascinated by the fictional town of Unionville, located in Symco, for years.  Symco itself is a tiny bump in the road town on the country highway 22 between Waupaca and Clintonville.  For most of you reading this- that may not have helped you with directions at all…It is also near Manawa, you know, Manawa…  Don’t pretend you’ve never been there!

Anyway…Unionville is a privately owned parcel of land staged to look like an old time town.  There is a main street with a bank, fire station, barber shop and more, all set up to look like the real deal with furniture and antiques inside of them.

symco streets2

This is where they hold the annual Symco Shakedown, a two-day rockabilly concert and rat rod style car show.

symco angie and ben

symco voodoo kings

symco skull

symco 58 truck

symco streets

In previous years, Nick and I would show up for an evening concert and take in the night life of the Shakedown.  This year I had the opportunity to share the experience of the event with a good friend and her family.  More of a photo-op day tour of this 50’s feel town through the eyes of two young boys!  Enjoy!

symco angie and eli

symco fam pic

symco kids in old school

symco fam photo2

symco ben and the slide

symco ben and the checkers

symco kevin and ben

symco baby in jail

symco fam photo3

Thanks Kevin, Angie, Ben and Eli for sharing the day with us!

symco angie and kevin

‘Till next year!

symco camp site


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