Meet the Millers: Progress Report

Like the last 10 minutes of any HGTV design show, the sprint to the finish line is dotted with lots of little projects and loose ends to tie up.  The Millers build is no exception, and as we walked through the Turkey Trail jobsite last week Matt and Tricia couldn’t hide their excitement to be this close to completion!  The long wait at the beginning when concrete curing and plaster drying seemed to take  f-o-r-e-v-e-r  is now suddenly in fast foward with all the fun things happening in the last two weeks of the build!

gravel MTM
A few short months ago…
Millers exterior almost done2
A few weeks ago…

 So I thought I would count down the 5 biggest transformations the house has taken on recently!


Paint and Accent Walls!

Miller progress paint

The once white plaster received a coat of a silvery grey color called Pussywillow by Sherwin Williams, but the rooms were still beckoning for a few accent colors.  Matt and Tricia get all the credit for these!  They knocked out this paint project in a weekend- and it made a huge difference!

Miller progress paint2Miller progress paint3

While most of the accent colors hover in the rich chocolately-grey hues, this future guest room gets a boost of a more turqouise shade!  Wait until you see the place all decorated!

Miller progress pic

Master Bedroom with two walls painted Gauntlet Gray by Sherwin Williams.

By the way, can we just take a moment to admire that step tray detail in the ceiling?

Miller progress tray ceiling

# 4:

The yard gets prepped for some solid surface!

Miller progress backyard

After some spray paint artistry (Danny, the Project Manager, has mad skilz) we devised the plan to pour this curved concrete patio to allow room for entertaining and the much anticipated hot tub!  Driveway, walkway and backyard were all scheduled to be poured last week, which will surely change things dramatically in this sandbox!


The term “shower-cave” is born

Miller progress tile

Tile began for this highly anticipated and totally luxe walk-in tile shower!

Miller progress shower2

The purposely dark tile was selected to give the shower a deep and relaxing feel.  Slate and stainless steel accent tile creates the border around the shower about 4 feet up.

Miller progress shower


The Fireplace gets its stones!

Miller progress fireplace

What once looked like this simple boxed fireplace, was quickly transformed by stone to look like this:

Miller fireplace progressMiller fireplace stone closeup

We wrapped the corners to give the fireplace more dimension.  The painted accent wall also helps the stone pop on the wall.


It has always been all about the kitchen, hasn’t it?

Miller kitchen progress3

Kitchen Cabinet install begins!

Miller kitchen progress1Miller kitchen progress2Miller kitchen progress4

Ummm…how much do you want me to write a post about these pendant lights!?!  They are the coolest!

And by now the granite has been installed- but there’s a granite story on its way to my little Blog yet!  For now, enjoy this sneak peek:

Miller progress kitchen sink

Ahhh…isn’t it pretty!?!

And there you have it- those are my TOP 5 Biggest Transformations at Turkey Trail in the last two weeks!  Not to be confused with my TOP 10 Favorite Things about the Millers New House- Coming Soon!

You won’t want to miss it!



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