Snowday Parfait

For our Snowday I made a simple dessert parfait with lowfat vanilla yogurt, granola and cherries on top!  It was as much for the pop of color it added to my table as it was for my love of yogurt and granola as a snack.  Ingredients:  lowfat vanilla yogurt, Bag of Honey Bunches of Oats Raspberry granola from the cereal department, graham crackers, raspberry jello mix (to add the pink color to the first layer of yogurt) and cherry pie filling.  First step was to crumble the graham cracker into the parfait glass.  A little melted butter drizzled on top will help you pack the graham cracker dust down, if needed.

Graham crackers
Step One: I only used a half of graham cracker crumbled into the bottom of each parfait glass.
Jello mix
Step Two: The first layer after the graham cracker base is vanilla yogurt. I chose to color this layer pink with raspberry jello. Tastes about the same, but it was easier for me to get the color I wanted this way than with food coloring.


White yougurt turned pink with Jello mix, tastes about the same but with a soft pink color.
Step Three: Gently spoon this layer onto the graham crackers careful not to mix the two ingredients together. I spoon it in and then spread it lightly to the edges of the glass with the back of the spoon.
Step Four: The third layer is simple- sprinkle the granola into the pink yougurt.
white layer
Step Five: Once again you have to gently spoon the yogurt over the granola and wipe any smudges on the glass. I always spoon it into the middle and then push it to the outside edges with the back of the spoon.
Step Six: As a final touch, and for that pop of color I needed for my table, I used cherry pie filling as a topping. Gives it a more dessert feeling too, I think.
desserts on table
And here they are with my Snowday tablescape decor!


Have you ever made a food item just to enhance your decor?

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