January Snowday

I was lucky enough to host my first “Girl’s Snowday” at my house.  Inspired by life at Spencer Village Apartments, when my roomate Angie and I were both on winter break from our seasonal jobs. We had many Snowdays, in which we just made yummy food (well, Angie made the food!) and watched tv series on dvds all day long.  And talked.

Those were good days.

So I decided to have a reunion of my girlfriends from HS and bring back the feeling of those simpler times.  A day without an itinerary.  A day without expectation or a pre-planned mission for fun.  A day for hanging out and eating yummy food.  A Snowday!

Here’s how I did it in 3 Easy Steps!

Step One
Step One: Create a Mood. I knew I wanted a casual feel centered around my dining room table. I limited myself to decoraing this space and this space only. I love a good tablescape and color theme.
It all started with this tablerunner that I hadn’t used during the holidays but came across as I was putting the Christmas things away. I also remembered making paper snowflakes as a kid and thought they might be cool as decorations. So a snowflake snowday theme was born!
step two
It was important to remember the spirit of my snowday and keep it simple! I hung the snowflakes I casually cut out of colored paper as I watched tv onto the holly garland I hadn’t taken down from my niche. I used tiny clothespins and ornament hooks.
blue things
Use What You Have! Another importat part of keeping it simple is using what you already have around the house. Since I had committed to my blue runner, I just gathered up things that were shades of blue. The biggest surprise being how much I liked this birdhouse church my mom gave me on the table.
I knew there would need to be room for food on the table, and I wanted to use my new trays. This gave a woodsey-white-wash-bark opportunity to the decor.
owl tag first
For me, the easiest way to tie a color scheme together is with tags and ribbons and scrapbook supplies. All of which I keep on hand for these occassions.
owl tag
The owl tag was my favorite, and I gathered more white and gold-ish accessories for the table. I tied it to the birdhouse with some gold ribbon that I kept off a christmas present.
step three
Step three: The Menu. Again, remember the mood (casual and cozy) and remember to keep it simple. Everyone volunteered to bring a fingerfood or snack to share and I provided the dessert table.
I had a vision of these parfaits in pink and red and white with all the blue decor and was lucky enough to find the valentines day candy corn to match.
pink marshmellos
Food should always double as decor! Marshmellos have become a favorite in my family, since they now come in various sizes and colors.


And that’s how I threw my very first Girl’s Snowday on a January afternoon!


How about you?  Any tips on how you host a casual get together with friends?




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